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Need advice? Call us now 020 7930 5100Out of hours 07789 622 430
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Need advice? Call us now 020 7930 5100Out of hours 07789 622 430
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Serious and Complex Fraud

Janes Solicitors are specialists in the defence of fraud and white collar crime. We have a leading and well-earned reputation for achieving excellent results for our clients.


Tax and Tax Disputes

Janes Solicitors offer specialist advice and assistance in this highly complex area of law whether you are facing investigation, interviews, enquiries or prosecution...


Bribery and Corruption

Janes Solicitors have the expertise and experience to advise you if you are facing allegations of bribery and corruption, and will leave no stone unturned in order to...


Regulation and Compliance

Janes Solicitors have extensive experience in a wide range of regulatory and compliance matters. Our lawyers can advise you generally on practice...


Serious Crime

Janes Solicitors have a long standing and leading reputation for representing clients in serious and high-profile matters across a broad range of serious and general crime.


General Crime and Road Traffic

Janes Solicitors regularly represent clients facing a range of general crime allegations and those being investigated for or charged with road traffic offences.


Financial Crime

Janes Solicitors are well versed in the defence of financial crime and all associated advisory and investigative matters, and are renowned for being...


Money Laundering and POCA

Our lawyers are experts in, proceeds of crime matters including money laundering, restraint and confiscation. As tactical experts, we ensure that every effort...


Prosecution by other Agencies

We represent clients facing prosecutions by a variety of Government agencies such as the Crown Prosecution Service, Serious Fraud Office, Financial Conduct Authority, Trading Standards or the Office of Fair Trading.


Civil Fraud and Civil Recovery

Civil action for fraud is commonly an option for those seeking freezing orders and / or a financial remedy. An advantage to proceedings in the civil court verses a public prosecution by the State is greater control over proceedings.


Extradition and International Crime

Janes Solicitors have built up considerable experience in representing clients in the UK who are subject to Extradition Proceedings abroad. We are also able to provide advice and representation to persons...


Privy Council Agents

Janes Solicitors is one of the few firms who are authorised to handle cases before the Privy Council. We are happy to accept referrals to act in these cases. The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC) is one of the...


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