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Cyber Crime

Internet Fraud Defence

According to Action Fraud, internet fraud or cyber crime cost the UK economy a staggering £10.9 billion in 2015/ 2016. Cyber crime involves activities such as hacking, phishing (emails requesting for sensitive information), spoofing (whereby device or user on a network is impersonated in order to gain an illegitimate advantage) and the creation and spreading of viruses. Other types of criminal activity include illegal data theft and privacy breaches which come in various forms such as: webcam hijacking; keylogging, where a record of typed material on a keyboard can be recorded, or other methods such as taking screenshots of a computer screen remotely.

Our Exceptional & Proven Track Record

We are a boutique high-quality law firm with a renowned excellence in handling cyber crime cases.  Our exceptional reputation has led us to work on many high-profile and complex cases including:

  • Represented a defendant charged with a complex fraud in which over £1 million was stolen from cash machines nationally through the installation of ‘malware’ onto the machines.  Expert cell-site analysis evidence proved our client was in the vicinity of over half of the affected machines during the commission of the offences leading to a favourable basis of plea;
  • Operation Snapbook - Represented a defendant charged in a conspiracy to defraud and fraudulent misuse of computer systems – highly publicised as defendants infiltrated the computers of Barclays Bank and other banks obtaining data from thousands of bank accounts.

Our Expertise & Experience

Janes Solicitors’ defence team take a proactive approach with each of our clients offering you maximum support and commitment to achieve the best possible outcome for you, and ensuring your interests are paramount. The key to our success is our proactive and individual approach to each client and a fearless commitment in each and every case we undertake.

Our lawyers offer a personal case tailored service to suit the differing specific of our clients.  Our skilled and focused approach and our technical expertise on these demanding cases have helped to mark us out as leaders in our field.  Janes Solicitors will guide and advise you every step of the way.

Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud can range from the use of a single stolen or duplicated card to large scale organised criminal activity and Organised Crime Network (OCN) fraud involving illegally obtained credit card details.

The details being collected can be obtained from devices attached to ATMs, or PEDs, or from bank employees, or phishing, the end result in money being stolen from an individual’s account. Janes Solicitors have experience in dealing with credit card fraud in its various forms and we will provide advice and representation to clients facing allegations of credit card fraud.

PayPal Fraud

PayPal has been targeted by Organised Crime Networks (OCN) as a way to 'phish' for credit card details and other sensitive, personal information which can be high value on the black market.

'Phishing' is an internet ‘scam’, usually an email set up to 'fish' for your private data.  It works by tricking the recipient into revealing personal or financial information, by a third party falsely representing themselves as a bank, business or other institution or by installing malware onto your computers, phones or tablets.

Our lawyers are well-versed in all areas of cyber crime, including PayPal fraud – speak to one of our team today if you are facing allegations for Cyber Crime, Credit Card or PayPal fraud.

Contact our Expert Cyber Crime Defence Lawyers London

Janes Solicitors provides bespoke specialist advice on all areas of serious and complex fraud, regulatory, taxation and serious financial crime matters. With extensive experience in all areas of fraud and financial crime and a well-earned reputation as leaders in our field, our expert defence team take a proactive and pragmatic approach to legal advice and case strategy. We are committed to your successful outcome.  Janes Solicitors pride ourselves on our case tailored approach for each client and our fearless commitment in each and every case we undertake.

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