GLAA investigations and prosecutions

As the foremost authority for the monitoring and enforcement of labour practices and regulation, the GLAA is the primary investigator in this field.

In cases involving serious breaches of the Modern Slavery Act and unlicensed “horse-trading” the GLAA will work in tandem with the National Crime Agency (NCA) and local enforcement authorities to investigate and possibly prosecute serious criminal offences.

As an employer or person concerned in possible GLAA actions, it is crucial to obtain early advice and intervention before you find yourself the subject of either regulatory proceedings or possibly criminal enforcement action.

Janes Solicitors have in-depth expertise in this field and have extensive experience representing clients in proceedings of this kind. If you are concerned in any of the above, contact immediately one of expert GLAA investigations and prosecutions lawyers for advice and assistance.

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Modern Slavery Act

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 has imposed obligations on employers to ensure that trafficking, slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour is not occurring in the work place. The NCA will work in tandem with the GLAA to investigate and if necessary prosecute offences under the Modern Slavery Act.  Employers are advised to take early action to prevent this. We have expertise in this field and are able to conduct internal investigations and advise employers on steps to be taken to avoid and rectify breaches of the statutory and regulatory regimes. If you as an employer are concerned about your potential liability or are the subject of internal or governmental reviews and investigations or proceedings please contact one of our expert lawyers.

Contact our expert GLAA investigations and prosecutions lawyers

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