EncroChat and encrypted communications

 Solicitors specialising in cases involving evidence from EncroChat, Wickr, Signal and interception of encrypted communications

Since the execution of Operation Venetic and the compromise of Encrochat by the French and Dutch authorities in 2020 (The Times), Janes Solicitors have developed expertise in navigating the complex legal landscape surrounding EncroChat and other encrypted communication platforms, such as Wickr and Signal. We have represented a number of clients charged with serious conspiracy offences, where the entire prosecution case has depended upon intercepted messaging. With a team of experienced solicitors, we are here to provide comprehensive legal guidance and representation to individuals facing EncroChat-related legal challenges.

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Our expertise

At our firm, we understand the unique intricacies of EncroChat cases. We have successfully defended clients in matters related to data breaches, privacy violations, and criminal investigations. Our team’s deep knowledge of cyber and criminal law ensures that you receive the best possible legal support. We robustly test the evidence presented in cell site analysis and co-location cases, regularly working with the country’s leading forensic experts.

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Why choose Janes Solicitors for encrochat charges

  • Unparalleled expertise in EncroChat and encrypted communications cases
  • A track record of successful outcomes
  • Personalized and confidential service
  • A commitment to protecting your rights and interests

When facing EncroChat or interception-related legal issues, don’t navigate the legal maze alone. Contact us today for a confidential consultation. Our London-based expert solicitors are ready to stand by your side and provide the legal representation you need. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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Notable cases

R v Metodiev (Central Criminal Court)

Conspiracy to commit murder and supply controlled drugs. Client was arrested as part of Operation Venetic following the compromise of the Encrochat messaging system by the French authorities. The Prosecution case was that he operated at a “very high level” within the supply of controlled drugs in the South of England. He was alleged to have been attempting to commission the murder of a rival.


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