Murder and manslaughter

London solicitors with expertise in defending murder and manslaughter charges

Janes Solicitors are a leading and highly experienced firm for cases involving murder or and manslaughter. With a team of skilled and dedicated solicitors, we understand the gravity of such cases and are committed to providing you and your family with the highest level of legal representation.

Our firm is well-versed in the complexities of murder and manslaughter law in England and Wales. We are here to guide you through the entire legal process, from arrest to trial, ensuring your rights are protected and your case is presented effectively. We will meticulously investigate the evidence, scrutinise witness testimonies, and employ the best legal strategies to secure the most favourable outcome for you.

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Why choose Janes Solicitors for murder charges?

Our solicitors have developed a network with the country’s leading forensic experts in fields such as cell site analysis, blood-spatter, DNA testing, firearms and gunshot residue. Our experienced solicitors have represented clients charged in some of the most high-profile murder cases in recent history.

In particular in recent years our team have been noted for successfully acting in cases brought under the principle of ‘joint enterprise’.

At Janes Solicitors, we are passionate about defending your rights and ensuring that you receive a fair trial. Our team is known for its tenacity, dedication, and commitment to justice. When you or a member of your family need expert representation in murder and manslaughter cases, trust us to be by your side.

Contact us today to discuss your case and allow us provide the expert legal support you need during this challenging time. Your future is our priority.

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Notable cases

R v Yam (Central Criminal Court)

This was a highly complex and unusual murder case attracting national publicity. It was the first case in peace-time where a defendant was prevented from giving evidence in open court. The victim, an author-recluse, was found by the police in his home in Hampstead some two months after he had been battered to death. Following an international manhunt, the Defendant was extradited from Switzerland and twice stood trial. On each occasion, he was stopped from giving evidence in open Court due to national security concerns.


R v Van Hoogstraten (Central Criminal Court)

This was a high profile case alleging that Nicholas Van Hoogstraten a multimillionaire property owner and person of prominence in the public domain allegedly paid hit men to murder a business associate following a disagreement over various property deals. Janes were instructed following the defendant’s conviction for manslaughter which was quashed on appeal and a re-trial ordered. Legal submissions were made on behalf of the defendant and in the final event, a not guilty verdict was entered.   


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