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Alex Chapman

Alex qualified as a solicitor in 2014 and worked at firms in Nottingham and London before joining Janes in 2019. He runs a caseload of serious criminal cases including murder, major drugs conspiracies, complex fraud and terrorism. Alex has represented clients as litigator in a number of high profile cases and has earned an excellent reputation for representing secondary parties in joint enterprise murder cases.

Alex prides himself on being able to deal with any type of criminal offence during pre and post charge stages and understands the value of early and quality advice and preparation. He is aware that being a suspect or defendant can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, and values his attention to client care, seeking to allay any worries while being mindful of giving practical and realistic advice.

He has featured on the BBC in connection with his work and regularly gives presentations to students at local schools and universities.


  • LPC, Nottingham Law School 2011-2012
  • LLB, University of the West of England, Bristol 2008-2011 


  • Joined Janes Solicitors 2019
  • Hodge Jones & Allen, London 2017-2019
  • Admitted as a solicitor 2014
  • VHS Fletchers, Nottingham 2012-2017

Notable Cases

  • R v M (2020, ongoing) – Encrochat case – client accused of conspiracy to murder.
  • R v P (2020, ongoing) – Encrochat case – client accused of involvement in importation and onward distribution of cocaine.
  • R v R (2019, ongoing) – Client is a broker accused of fraudulently mis-selling voluntary carbon credits to the retail market.
  • R v B (2019, ongoing) – Client accused of murder following a shooting in a snooker club in East London.
  • R v E-S – Murder (2019) – High profile murder of a doorman at an exclusive party on Park Lane on New Year’s Eve. Alex acted for one of six defendants in the case. Alex’s client was the only defendant to be cleared of all charges of murder, GBH and violent disorder.
  • R v C – Murder (2018) – Defence of a vulnerable young woman accused of extremely brutal violent attack. Two defendants each blaming the other. The case involved four different scientific experts in the analysis of blood spatter patterns.
  • R v W – GBH (2018) – Client found not guilty of domestic GBH with intent.
  • R v P – Murder/Manslaughter (2017). Client arrested for murder following an altercation in a house in Nottingham. The charges against him were reduced to manslaughter.
  • R v C-M – Manslaughter (2017). A difficult and tragic case where a 18 year old client was accused of one-punch manslaughter of his friend.
  • R v S – Terrorism and Explosives Act offences (2017). Client accused of stockpiling gunpowder and weapons at his home address.
  • R v S – Drugs conspiracy (2016). National Crime Agency investigation. Client accused of involvement in conspiracy to import 168kg of cocaine and 340kg of amphetamines into the UK.
  • R v A – Firearms (2016). Client accused of operating a firearms ‘factory’ in Nottingham.
  • R v A – Fraud (2016). Client accused of defrauding his employer to fund gambling habit by diverting funds into personal accounts.
  • R v O – Drugs conspiracy (2015). NCA investigation, client accused of involvement in the wholesale supply of heroin from London to the Midlands.
  • R v T – Domestic Assault (2015). The client was a vulnerable person accused of assaulting his partner in unusual circumstances. Both parties had difficulties with mental health and the trial required a high level of care. He was acquitted after trial.
  • R v R – Prison Offence (2015). The client was a prison officer accused of conveying articles out of the prison without authorisation. After a guilty plea and careful mitigation he was given an absolute discharge by the Magistrates.
  • R v S – Murder (2014). Client accused of murdering an elderly male in his home address.
  • R v M – GBH (2014). Client accused of an attack involving multiple weapons and causing serious injury.
  • R v H – Benefit Fraud (2014). The client was accused of a lengthy and substantial benefit fraud on the basis that his girlfriend was in fact living with him ‘as husband and wife’ for many years. He was able to provide evidence that she was not. After trial he was acquitted of all charges.
  • R v G – Murder (2013). Client accused of killing another person with a hammer causing over 100 separate injuries. The case involved multiple pathologists analysing the cause and number of injuries.
  • R v B – Murder/Infanticide (2013). Client accused of killing her baby. This was a very difficult and tragic case. At its conclusion the client was acquitted of murder and convicted of the lower offence of infanticide.
  • R v M – Fraud in Breach of Trust (2013). A financial advisor was accused of defrauding several clients. After lengthy representations the charges were discontinued by the CPS.

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