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Notable Cases

Janes Solicitors are renowned for the exceptional results we achieve for our clients.  Below is a selection of our notable cases:


Multi billion dollar civil and criminal tax fraud investigations

Partners, David, Robert and Victoria are representing a client accused in one of the world’s largest and most complex multi billion dollar tax frauds. The case involves thousands of specialised trades known as ‘dividend stripping’ spanning multiple global jurisdictions.
Janes Solicitors have been engaged on disclosure compliance under a worldwide freezing order and are acting in both the UK civil and criminal litigation.


Operation Amazon – Conspiracy to Cheat the Revenue

Janes Solicitors is representing a lead defendant in a seven-handed conspiracy to cheat HMRC in what has been described as one of the ‘largest direct taxation frauds in the UK’ amounting to over £268 million tax at risk.  The underlying business relates to green projects for Research and Development across the globe and environmental carbon trading with investments by hundreds of High Net Worth Individuals.  The Partner with conduct of this case is David Janes and Victoria Gregory is the team Leader.  Leading Counsel George Carter-Shephenson QC and junior Dermot Keating instructed.

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Operation Lunar – Conspiracy to Cheat the Revenue

Representing a former KPMG Partner alleged to have cheated HMRC in investment schemes

This case concerns ‘arrangements’ that were allegedly designed to create tax losses approaching £150 million for high net worth individuals seeking to reduce their respective tax bills by making claims for relief on capital losses under ss. 131 and 132 of the Income Tax Act 2007.

This case represents one of the first prosecutions by HMRC of investors in such arrangements (whereas previously only the promoters, sellers and operators of such arrangements had been prosecuted) and as such represents a significant shift in the attitude and policy of HMRC in relation to such matters. This matter is conducted by Partners David Janes and Simon Barker and Victoria Gregory.

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Rolls Royce investigations - Bribery & Corruption

Janes Solicitors instructed by nine past and present executives surrounding the investigation by the Serious Fraud Office into allegations of bribery and corruption. A keynote investigation by the Serious Fraud Office into one of the UK’s leading companies.  The lead Partners are David Janes and Robert Berg assisted by Victoria Gregory and Gareth Hall.


Operation Dougal - Conspiracy to Defraud

Janes Solicitors instructed by defendant charged with a large national Trading Standards prosecution into copycat Government websites.  Valued in excess of £30 million.

There is a huge public interest element to this case as this is the largest company set up to defraud members of the public applying for passports, driving licences, congestion charges and HMRC tax returns etc.  There are also international customers.  Significant digital and technology element with over 1 million pages of disclosure, where significant flaws have been identified in the systems used.  Andrew Gilmore is leading both cases alongside Partner David Janes.  Counsel Christopher Amis and Alexander Upton of 23 Essex Street Chambers instructed.


The Government of Turkey v OI - Extradition

Our client was the requested person who was subject to a request from Turkey for extradition for a serious fraud offence. Janes Solicitors successful raised the argument on behalf of our client that this extradition would not be compatible with Article 3 of the Human Rights Act 1998, Freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment.  Janes Solicitors obtained an array of expert evidence in support of our client’s case.  Following successful submissions by Janes Solicitors the Court found that our client would be subject to inhuman or degrading treatment if returned to the Requesting State and therefore, our client was discharged from the Extradition Warrant.  Robert Berg instructed Counsel Mark Summers QC of Matrix Chambers in this matter.


Major Investigation by French Police concerning collection of ancient gold coins

Robert Berg of Janes Solicitors represented one of the world’s leading dealers in antiquarian coins.   Advice and representation was sought following notification that the Metropolitan Police had received a Letter of Request from the French Police relating to the investigation of a priceless collection of coins which were claimed as the property of the French Government.    The Letter of Request included an application for a search warrant however following negotiations with the Metropolitan Police a search warrant was not actually executed and the company was vindicated of any wrong doing.  


Operation Florin – Conspiracy to Defraud & Money Laundering

Janes Solicitors are instructed by the lead defendant in an alleged pension liberation fraud valued in excess of £9 million and involving over 800 victims Nationwide. 

The case raises significant public policy consideration due to the impact on public as a result of pension liberation promotion by the Government and the huge rise in the number of frauds related to the same. David Janes and Andrew Gilmore leading this matter assisted by Victoria Gregory.  Counsel William Martin of 9-12 Bell Yard instructed.


Operation Cindy – Conspiracy to Defraud

Janes Solicitors are instructed by the sole defendant in a large Trading Standards prosecution of web developer who designed copycat Government websites. The value of the case is in excess of £30 million and involves a significant and complex technological and IT elements.  Janes are also assisting in the defendant’s dealings with the Advertising Standards Agency. Andrew Gilmore is leading this case alongside Partner David Janes. Counsel Roy Brown of 23 Essex Street instructed.


Operation Uzane – Conspiracy to Defraud

Defending co-owner of prestigious care home in North West England on charges of money laundering in relation to the assets of both the care home and its users.  This significant media interest and public policy issues around safeguarding the elderly.  Andrew Gilmore is leading this case alongside Partner David Janes.  Counsel Sam Trefgarne and Hugh McKee of 23 Essex Street instructed.


R v Goodman (LIBOR) – Conspiracy to Defraud

High profile acquittal of our client, a former ICAP broker and a key defendant (referred to as “Lord Libor”) in the Serious Fraud Office prosecution concerning alleged criminal manipulation of the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), a ‘benchmark rate’ that underpins about $350 trillion of financial products worldwide. This case was extremely high-profile and complex, with disclosure from over twenty global banking institutes and referenced millions of financial trades across multiple jurisdictions.  Janes were the only defence team to utilise industry financial academic expert Professor Neuberger to challenge ‘rate setting’ manipulation allegations.  Partners David Janes and Simon Barker had conduct of this matter assisted by Victoria Gregory.  Leading Counsel Philip Hackett QC and junior Nathaniel Rudolf instructed.

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R v Thomas - Conspiracy to Defraud

High profile acquittal of our client, the CEO and Founder of pioneering Fibre Optic Communications and Technology companies, H2O Networks Ltd and i3 Group Limited in the Serious Fraud Office prosecution valued at over £160 million.  The case involved complex invoice factoring and alleged forgery of high value contracts and attracted widespread publicity. Janes instructed a forensic computer expert to challenge the fabrication of several key contracts on the basis of cross ‘user access’ to office computers. Simon Barker and David Janes had conduct of this matter assisted by Victoria Gregory.  Leading Counsel Mark Bryant Heron QC and junior William Martin of 9-12 Bell Yard instructed.

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R v Amin (Operation Crystallite) – Conspiracy to Cheat the Revenue

High profile acquittal of former RBS banker in the first HMRC prosecution against investors in film schemes.  The case attracted extensive media attention as it sent shockwaves through the tax advisory industry as investors were also now being targeted. One of a series of three trials prosecuting thirteen defendants including the financial advisor, founder and promoter, investors and film directors. 

The case was unusual in that in one trial a genuine film was made, and the other film productions were used as a smoke screen to camouflage grossly inflated invoices. This particular trial turned on falsified diary entries for the bogus film productions where money was transferred across multiple jurisdictions and accounts to disguise the circular nature of the scheme financing. This is another case which demonstrates our firm’s role at the vanguard of white collar criminal defence work. Partners Simon Barker and David Janes had conduct of this matter. Leading Counsel Simon Russell Flint QC instructed.

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R v Khan (Operation Aquamarine) – Mortgage Fraud

Acquittal of our client, the lead defendants, following a retrial in a fifteen-handed conspiracy to defraud mortgage fraud investigated by the Economic Crime Department of the City of London Police. The case involved several well-known high street banking institutions, including Barclays Private Clients International and complex offshore and international property transactions using trusts. The combined value of the mortgage frauds were in excess of £40 million.  Andrew Gilmore had conduct of this matter alongside Partner David Janes.

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R v Webster (Operation Elveden) – Conspiracy to Commit Misconduct in Public Office

Acquittal of a client charged with conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office in high profile phone hacking investigations. Our client was the Deputy editor of The Sun and was thus one of only three senior Sun executives (along with Rebekah Brooks) to be charged.

Charges brought under the auspices of Operation Elveden and Operation Weeting, the investigation into the legality of journalistic practices at News Group Newspapers.

The charges were unique in legal history, in that there was no such similar prosecution which examined the conduct of a newspaper and its staff as a whole. The legal issues were therefore complex and opaque - involving a thorough examination of the concept of a conspiracy, the meaning of the substantive offence of committing misconduct and broadening out to examination of the impact on the defendant’s human rights under Article 6 of the ECHR.

The case naturally attracted widespread national publicity and was reported across all the major national newspapers.

As a result of this prosecution and the issues raised during the trial the Law Commission conducted its own investigation into the viability and appropriateness of using this offence in prosecutions against journalists.   David Janes and James Mullion instructed leading Counsel Geoffrey Cox QC of Thomas More Chambers and junior Annie Johnston.

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R v Yam – Murder

The first case in peace-time where a Defendant was prevented from giving evidence in open court, his was a highly complex and unusual murder case attracting national publicity. The victim, an author-recluse, was found by the police in his home in the Millionaire’s getaway of Hampstead some two months after he had been battered to death. Following an international manhunt, the Defendant was extradited from Switzerland and twice stood trial. On each occasion, he was stopped from giving evidence in open Court as there were concerns that this would constitute a breach of national security. This ruling drew attention across the legal spectrum as it not only highlighted concerns over restrictions on the defendant’s right to present his defence in public but also the limitations on press freedom to report such cases.   Partner James Mullion has conduct of this matter which is pending appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

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R v Westwood (The Tremeloes’ guitarist) – Sexual Offences

Successful defence of our client, the former guitarist of The Tremeloes in respect of a single count of historic sexual assault dating back to 1968. This case was widely reported in the world media.  No evidence offered by the Prosecution following detailed disclosure requests and robust written representations made by Janes Solicitors which fundamentally undermined the Prosecution's case. Partner David Janes had conduct of this matter with the assistance of Victoria Gregory.  Counsel Karina Arden instructed.

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R v Lunn (Operation Edgewood) – Conspiracy to Cheat the Revenue

This was a major HMRC prosecution of a leading tax accountant engaged in what was said to be a systematic long-term fraud against HMRC on behalf of clients, himself and his associates. The client was the accountant to the stars including Jeremy Paxman and Fiona Bruce amongst his 7,000 clients.  The case involved the manipulation of the tax affairs of clients running to over £117 million.  Partners David Janes and Simon Barker had conduct of this matter with the assistance of Victoria Gregory.  Leading Counsel Geoffrey Cox QC and junior Christopher Harding of Thomas More Chambers instructed.

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The Government of Peru –v- GO – Extradition

Our client was the requested person who was subject to an extradition request from Peru to face allegations of trafficking Class A drugs. Our client, along with 4 others was the first UK national to face an extradition request from Peru. Following successful legal submissions by Janes Solicitors our client was discharged from proceedings. We instructed Counsel Mark Summers QC of Matrix Chambers in this matter.


R v Brown – Armed Robbery and Possession of Firearms with Intent

Acquittal of notorious South London armed robber whilst an absconder from an open prison.  The defendant was transferred to open conditions for the last year of an 11 year tariff of a life sentence.  He immediately absconded from the open prison and within a short period of time was arrested and charged with robbery of a cash in transit vehicle and possession of a firearm within intent.   The evidence was based on a matrix of significant telephone calls, cell siting and automatic number plate recognition.  The defendant made no comment in interview and declined to give evidence in his own defence and was subsequently acquitted following a trial of the offences. 


R v TO - Conspiracy to Defraud & Money Laundering

Acquittal in case involving fraudulent transactions totalling circa $800,000 with further attempted transactions of $500,000 from Amex accounts in the UK to personal accounts in the UK, USA and globally.  Complex arguments raised by Janes Solicitors at trial including failures by the Prosecution to show that predicate fraud had taken place leading to successful submissions of no case to answer. Represented by Partner Simon Barker and Gareth Hall.


R v MH – Money Laundering

No evidence offered against a defendant in respect of a prosecution for conspiracy to commit fraud after several days of legal argument regarding disclosure. Charged with one other on a nine-count indictment including money laundering offences, the substantive offences relate to the fraudulent obtaining of parking permits in the City of Westminster. Partner Robert Berg had conduct of this matter with the assistance of solicitor Gareth Hall.


R v TB – National Cash Machine Fraud

Represented defendant accused of complex fraud in which over £1,000,000 was stolen from cash machines nationally through the installation of ‘malware’ onto the machines.  Expert cell-site analysis evidence proved our client was in the vicinity of over half of the affected machines during the commission of the offences leading to favourable basis of plea being accepted by the Crown at the Central Criminal Court in January 2016.  Partner Robert Berg had conduct of this case alongside Gareth Hall.

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R v Grillo and Grillo (The ‘Grillo Sisters’) - Fraud

In what was the ‘trial of the year 2013’ Janes Solicitors represented both Grillo sisters accused of fraudulently spending over £685,000 on the credit cards of Charles Saatchi's private company while working as personal assistants to Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi.  Both sisters were acquitted on charges of fraud.  The case attracted unprecedented world media interest, appearing on the global news every day for over a month and headlining the world press.Victoria Gregory instructed Anthony Metzer QC and Karina Arden.

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Breach of Official Secrets Act & Misconduct in Public Office

We represented a Petty Naval Officer before Mr. Justice Saunders at the Central Criminal Court in respect of alleged breaches of the Official Secrets Act.  This case has been widely reported in the national and international press.  Counsel Lord Carlisle QC and Louise Howard instructed.

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R v PC – Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs

A large scale, national conspiracy to supply Class A drugs involving 14 defendants. Our client was acquitted following a lengthy trial at Teeside Crown Court.  We instructed Counsel Paul Brooks from Thomas More Chambers in this matter.

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R v Nicholas Van Hoogstraten – Murder

This was a high profile case alleging that Nicholas Van Hoogstraten a multimillionaire property owner and person of prominence in the public domain allegedly pain hit men to murder a business associate following a disagreement over various property deals.

Robert Berg was in instructed following the defendant’s conviction for manslaughter which was quashed on appeal and a re-trial ordered.   The re-trial, legal submissions were made on behalf of the defendant and in the final event, a not guilty verdict was entered.   The Prosecution immediately appealed this decision however the appeal was unsuccessful.  Following these events, the Attorney General replied to the High Court for a reference which was refused. 


R v Ferry – Perverting the Court of Justice

Son of the rock star Bryan Ferry and renowned political campaigner in his own right, the client was charged with perverting the course of justice arising out of criminal proceedings for an offence of robbery. Following negotiations with the Crown Prosecution Service all proceedings in respect of the perverting charge were dropped and the Crown accepted a guilty plea to a minor, affray-related offence. Set against the backdrop of the fox-hunting debate, the case was highly politicised and attracted widespread national publicity. Partner James Mullion instructed Geoffrey Cox QC.

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R v Johnson & Johnson – Murder & Attempted Murder

Janes Solicitors represented two brothers, Crisdian and Shane Johnson who were charged with Murder and Attempted Murder following what the Crown described as an organised gang related knife fight which took place in a park in south London in April 2009. The case made headline news as it was the first time that canine DNA has been presented as evidence in a British court. James Mullion had conduct of this case, instructing Counsel Sallie Bennett-Jenkins QC, David Nathan QC, Mark Fenhalls and Robert Rinder.

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R v Lynch – Conspiracy to Defraud

Arguably the most highly publicised fraud trial of the decade and certainly the first of its kind, Janes Solicitors represented the high profile jockey Fergal Lynch who was charged with six others, including six-time British Champion jockey Kieren Fallon, with a conspiracy to defraud Betfair customers by fixing races.  Following submissions in which Janes Solicitors took a leading role at the end of the prosecution case all defendants were acquitted after the Judge ruled there was no case to answer.  This was a huge victory after a lengthy investigation and prosecution.  David Janes and James Mullion instructed Counsel George Carter-Stevenson QC and Kate Bex.

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R v Walsh – Perverting the Course of Justice

Janes Solicitors represented our client charged with perverting the Course of Justice in connection with what later became known as the ‘New Essex boys’ Murder..  The case involved the murder of a police informant involved in a gangland dispute in Essex.  It was the first time a murder charge had been dropped against one defendant who then went on to become the prosecution’s star ‘super grass witness’.. The murder and trial became the basis for the film ‘Bonded by Blood 2’.  This was a highly-publicised case, attracting widespread publicity.  David Janes instructed Counsel Annie Johnston and Lucy Kennedy.

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R v Gangar – Ponzi Fraud

Janes Solicitors represented the main defendant in one of the largest Ponzi frauds ever prosecuted in the UK by the Serious Fraud Office and later in what is now a leading confiscation case. The case is now a leading confiscation authority on interest on unpaid amounts and has helped many defendants secure a reduction in their default sentences.  Geoffrey Cox QC of Thomas More Chambers and Nathaniel Rudolf of 25 Bedford Row were instructed in this case.

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R v Jain – Conspiracy to Defraud

Janes Solicitors represented the second defendant in a high-profile case prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office. The Allied Deals/ RBG Resources fraud was a truly global fraud that cost banks $700 million dollars worldwide. The Serious Fraud Office were claiming that in the confiscation proceedings the benefit figure that should be held against our client was in excess of $1 billion. Janes successfully argued that there should be no confiscation proceedings against our client and no order was made. Partners David Janes and Simon Barker assisted Andrew Gilmore, instructed Lord Carlile QC and Alison Levitt QC.

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R v Wootton (the famous Jubilee Line Case) – Fraud & Corruption

Janes Solicitors represented a key defendant in one of the most iconic fraud and corruption cases of modern times. This was in respect of a £60 million fraud in connection with the extension of London Underground's Jubilee line. The trial was heard at the Old Bailey in London which started in June 2003 and continued for 21 months before collapsing in March 2005.  David Janes and Simon Barker instructed.

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R- V- R and others (Op Amazon) Southwark Crown Court 

Nov 2017 

Successful defence an accountant after a ten month trial. The case took 8 years to come to trial and has been described as the most complex direct tax prosecution case ever brought by HMRC. The case has afforded unprecedented insight into the workings and deficiencies of HMRC’s disclosure process as regards e-disclosure. 

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July 2017

Successful defence of the director of a major independent brewery who faced three counts of cheating the public revenue. The charges related to the alleged non-payment of tax by the company.  The company was one of the first London microbreweries and was recently acquired by Carlsberg. The jury were directed to give not guilty verdicts following successful half time submissions of “no case to answer”. 

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R- v- R and others

Southwark Crown Court - Jan 2016

Successful defence of a Tullett Prebon broker accused of involvement in LIBOR manipulation. Client was acquitted in less than one day following a four month trial. Attended SFO interviews and dealt with internal investigation lawyers, employment lawyers and subsequent media interest. 

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R- V  T

Central Criminal Court - 2018

Charges of “Torture” dating back to the Liberian civil war, brought by the CPS Counter Terrorism Unit. This  followed an investigation by Metropolitan Police War Crimes Unit and is charged under the doctrine of “Universal Jurisdiction”. 

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FCA investigation of a broker

Attending interviews in relation to suspicious trading activity. 

R-v Keiran Fallon and others

Successfully representing a jockey charged with allegations of conspiracy to defraud by Horse race fixing.

Simultaneously dealing with the removal of British racing license by the Horseracing Regulatory Authority. 

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