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Serious and Complex Fraud Lawyers

In recent years, we have seen a marked increase in fraud prosecutions in the UK, particularly involving tax fraud, white collar crime, bribery and corruption, and complex financial crime. Our expertise in advising and defending individuals and businesses under investigation or suspicion gives us the edge in providing creative solutions and practical, common sense advice.

Janes Solicitors are a highly skilled and experienced fraud defence team.  We will provide immediate advice and support to you or your business if you need advice, are under suspicion or investigation, or are subject to interview or prosecution. We carefully and tactically deploy the best possible strategy for our clients throughout each and every stage.  Our lawyers have the critical and technical expertise you need.  With our broad range of knowledge and depth of experience in this demanding field, we have proven success in handling all serious and complex fraud cases.

After carefully assessing your case, we hand select the most appropriate team, tailored specifically to your needs to work alongside you and support you every step of the way. 

Janes Solicitors are a leading law firm.  We work with the best professionals and experts to ensure you have the best defence team on your side.  We have expertise in all aspects of serious and complex fraud, including:

If your enquiry is not listed here, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your case with you.

Our Expertise & Experience

Janes Solicitors are specialists in the defence of fraud and white collar crime. We have a leading and well-earned reputation for achieving excellent results for our clients. 

Our proven track record, personal approach and fearless commitment to the cause of our clients gives us the edge over other firms meaning we are highly sought after by clients.

We hold a strong presence and first-class reputation in defending serious and complex fraud cases and are regularly instructed in the largest and most high-profile cases in the UK.  This goes back to the case of Hill Samuel, the first case prosecuted (and lost) by the Serious Fraud Office, which we successfully defended. We are also founding members of the Legal Aid Agency’s Specialist Fraud Panel.

Our Exceptional & Proven Track Record

As our client, you can be confident in our unparalleled quality reputation for successfully defending serious and complex fraud cases as set out below:

  • R v Khan - Acquittal of our client following a retrial in a fifteen-handed conspiracy to defraud mortgage fraud (in excess of £40 million) investigated by the Economic Crime Department of the City of London Police. The case involved several well-known high street banking institutions, including Barclays Private Clients International and complex offshore and international property transactions using trusts;
  • R v Webster- Acquittal of our client charged with conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office in high profile phone hacking investigations. Our client was the Deputy Editor of The Sun and was thus one of only three senior Sun executives (along with Rebekah Brooks) to be charged;
  • R v Wootton - the famous Jubilee Line Extension case in which the acquittal of our client was secured after an extraordinary two-year trial;
  • R v Jain – The London Metal Exchange Fraud Trial - a highly complex billion-pound metal trading fraud and ensuing confiscation proceedings in which a discontinuance was obtained for our client;
  • R v Fergal Lynch – Conspiracy to defraud -The Fallon race fixing trial; our client jockey Kieren Fallon and five others were acquitted of a £10 million race fixing allegation;
  • R v Van Meel - Beijing Olympic ticket fraud prosecution where the case against the client was discharged mid-trial as a result of successful legal argument;
  • R v Amin (Operation Crystallite) – Conspiracy to cheat - successful defence of former RBS banker investing into film scheme - The case attracted extensive media attention as it sent shockwaves through the tax advisory industry as investors were prosecuted for the first time;
  • R v Goodman (Libor Manipulation) - successful acquittal of our client, an ICAP broker predicting LIBOR rates.  The first Serious Fraud Office prosecution against financial brokers and only the second trial in the country (and the first success) involving allegations of manipulating LIBOR – a worldwide rate setting benchmark linked to trillions of global financial products;
  • R v Grillo and Grillo - successful acquittal of our clients, two personal assistants to Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi accused of fraudulent misuse of company credit cards for over £685,000.  Dubbed the ‘trial of the year’ with unprecedented worldwide media attention. A momentous victory in the face of extreme media scrutiny and high-profile opponents;
  • R v Thomas - acquittal of CEO in £160 million broadband fraud, following accusations of creating and selling falsely inflated contracts to business lenders, Barclays Bank and KBC.
  • R v Lewis - prosecution of a broker in a large-scale mortgage fraud who was the client’s acquittal on the large majority of counts and thereafter a confiscation order in the amount of £1 only;
  • R v Oyekoya – Conspiracy to defraud and money laundering – Acquittal in case involving fraudulent transactions totalling circa $800,000 with further attempted transactions of $500,000 from Amex accounts in the UK to personal accounts in the UK and globally;

Janes Solicitors regularly handles an exceptional caseload in all areas of serious and complex fraud, both in terms of matters coming to trial and new instructions, which include instructions in major Serious Fraud Office, HM Revenue and Customs and Trading Standards prosecutions. Below are some of the cases in which we are currently instructed:

  • Rolls Royce plc - Bribery and Corruption Investigation in Leading UK Manufacturer - Janes Solicitors instructed by nine executives and employees surrounding an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office into allegations of bribery and corruption.
  • Operation Uzane – Conspiracy to Defraud - Defending owner of care home in on charges of money laundering in relation to the assets of both the care home and its users;
  • Operation Florin – Conspiracy to Defraud and Money Laundering - Representing lead defendant in a pension liberation fraud valued in excess of £9 million involving several hundreds of victims Nationwide.
  • Operation Lunar – KPMG Partner alleged to have cheated HMRC investment schemes - One of the first prosecutions by HMRC of investors into such schemes.
  • Operation Amazon – Conspiracy to Cheat the Revenue - Janes Solicitors is representing a lead defendant in a seven-handed conspiracy to cheat HMRC in what has been described as one of the largest direct taxation frauds in the UK amounting to over £268 million tax at risk.  The underlying business relates to green projects for Research and Development across the globe and environmental carbon trading with investments by hundreds of High Net Worth Individuals. 
  • Operation Dougal - Conspiracy to Defraud - Janes Solicitors instructed in major breach of copyright Trading Standards prosecution – over £30 million alleged fraud.
  • Operation Cindy – Conspiracy to Defraud - Defending sole client in large Trading Standards prosecution. The value of the case is in excess of £30 million, and involves a significant technological and IT element.  Janes are also assisting in defendant’s dealings with the Advertising Standards Agency.

Our skilled and focused approach in handling allegations of fraud, as well as our technical expertise on these demanding cases mark us out as leaders in our field.

Corporate Fraud

Corporate Fraud can be any fraud committed by or against a business. There is a myriad of extremely sophisticated methods used in committing this sort of fraud.  Janes Solicitors have the skill and expertise in advising and defending you or your company against allegations of corporate fraud.  We also offer advice to assist your business spot the potential dangers of corporate fraud.

Our specialised defence lawyers will advise and represent you every step of the way. If you suspect fraud in your business, or you or your business are suspected of committing fraud then contact us without delay.

Janes Solicitors are highly skilled lawyers and we regularly represent clients facing allegations of Corporate Fraud including:

  • Pyramid schemes
  • Ponzi Schemes
  • Pension Frauds
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Market Abuse
  • Market Manipulation
  • Share Sale Fraud
  • Misrepresentation
  • Abuse of position
  • Failing to disclose information
  • False accounting
  • Insider dealing
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Money laundering and Proceeds of Crime (POCA)
  • Investigations and Prosecutions

Civil Fraud

Depending on the type of fraud, investigations and proceedings can be taken in the civil court, the criminal court – or both. The destination depends on many factors and Janes Solicitors will advise you. 

Civil action for fraud is commonly an option for those seeking freezing orders and / or a financial remedy.  An advantage to proceedings in the civil court verses a public prosecution by the State is greater control over proceedings.  However civil actions can be costly for clients and we can advise you on the potential cost implications and help manage an effective solution which is tailored to your needs.

In some cases, proceedings are commenced in both the civil and criminal courts.  Janes Solicitors will assist you in both situations.  We regularly advise clients who are subject to worldwide freezing orders against their assets or the assets of their companies.

Read more about how we can help protect your interests if you have received a worldwide freezing order.

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Janes Solicitors provides bespoke specialist advice on all areas of serious and complex fraud, regulatory, taxation and serious financial crime matters. With extensive experience in all areas of fraud and financial crime and a well-earned reputation as leaders in our field, our expert defence team take a proactive and pragmatic approach to legal advice and case strategy. We are committed to your successful outcome.  Janes Solicitors pride ourselves on our case tailored approach for each client and our fearless commitment in each and every case we undertake.

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