International criminal defence and cross-border investigations

At Janes Solicitors, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services specialising in international criminal defence and international investigations.

With a team of experienced solicitors, we have successfully represented clients in complex cases involving international criminal law and transnational crimes.

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Our international criminal defence and cross-border investigations expertise

International Criminal Defence: We have a proven track record of defending clients facing international criminal charges, such as extradition, human trafficking, cybercrime, terrorism, and white-collar offences. We offer strategic advice, expert representation in court, and an absolute commitment to protecting your rights.

International Investigations: Our team excels in matters of international and cross-border investigations, working with experts and partners across borders to achieve crucial results. Whether it’s related to fraud, corruption, money laundering, or other cross-border criminal activities, we possess the expertise and resources to ensure a thorough defence.

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Why choose Janes Solicitors for international investigations?

  • We possess in-depth knowledge of international laws and regulations.
  • Our commitment to upholding justice and safeguarding your interests is unwavering.
  • We have a global network of legal experts and investigative resources.

Contact us today to discuss your international crime or investigation concerns. Your peace of mind and legal security are our top priorities.

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