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Drug Offences (Importation, Supply, Exportation and Trafficking)

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 governs most of the laws pertaining to the importation, supply, production and trafficking of illegal drugs in England and Wales. It is an offence to even possess most banned substances, with the level of seriousness depending on the type of substance and the nature of the defendant’s involvement with the substance.

Our Exceptional & Proven Track Record

We are a boutique law firm with a renowned excellence in handling drug serious offence cases which has led us to work on many high-profile and complex cases often attracting widespread media coverage and publicity, including:

  • R v Bowler – Operation Karnak – known as the ‘Tesco’s of cannabis importation’ case Drug trafficking case concerning 18 tonnes of cannabis valued at £62 million;
  • R v Reidy -  conspiracy to supply cocaine and money laundering - drug trafficking of between 80 to 90 kilos of cocaine valued at £25 million;
  • R v PC - large scale, national class A drug conspiracy involving 14 defendants – case followed a major police investigation.

We are also currently involved in the following cases:

  • A large-scale conspiracy to fraudulently evade the prohibition on the importation of a Class B drugs valued at £8.5 million;
  • Representing a defendant charged with conspiracy to supply class A drugs following an extensive investigation by the National Crime Agency and police forces in London and the North West;
  • Representing a defendant in a major investigation concerning the importation of over 200 kilos of cocaine.

Our Expertise & Experience

Janes Solicitors’ defence team take a proactive approach with each of our clients offering you maximum support and a commitment to achieve the best possible outcome for you, ensuring your interests are paramount.

Our lawyers offer a personal case tailored service to suit the specific needs of our clients.  Our skilled and focused approach, as well as our technical expertise on these demanding cases have helped to mark us out as leaders in our field.  Janes Solicitors will guide and advise you every step of the way.

We are best known for our high-profile successes, our combined breadth and depth of knowledge and experience and the exceptional level of service offered to clients as evidenced by the continued referral of cases by other firms, Counsel and by previous clients.

Illegal Drugs & The Law

Illegal drugs (or ‘controlled drugs’) are given three categories or classes in the UK – A, B, and C. Class A drugs (such as cocaine, heroin and ecstasy) are the most serious, and attract the highest penalties of up to life imprisonment or a fine, or both.  Class B drugs (such as cannabis, codeine, ketamine and amphetamines) and class C drugs (anabolic steroids, tranquillisers, and khat) are also controlled, and those caught will incur severe penalties (up to 14 years in prison or a fine, or both) where they intended to produce, import, supply, or traffic the substances.

Our lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with complex and large-scale illegal drug cases including:

  • Illegal drug importation
  • Illegal drug exportation
  • Illegal drug supply
  • Illegal drug trafficking

Janes Solicitors have extensive knowledge and expertise in defending serious drug charges. 

Defending drugs cases requires highly skilled criminal defence experts, as there is often a great deal of evidence to be considered, including DNA and fingerprint evidence, CCTV evidence and phone evidence. Our lawyers are renowned for their meticulous approach in producing a robust defence strategy. We painstakingly dissect every detail of the case to ensure we secure the best outcome possible for our clients.

Contact our Expert Drug Offences Defence Lawyers London

Janes Solicitors is a high-quality niche practice providing specialist advice on all areas of serious crime, including murder, drug offences, robbery, sexual offences, fraud and terrorism. With extensive experience in criminal defence we have a well-earned reputation as leaders in our field with proven success.  We take a proactive and pragmatic approach to legal advice and build a solid case-tailored defence team of leading professional to suit the needs of each of our clients. We are highly committed to our clients and take pride in our fearless commitment in each and every case.

If you need advice, are under suspicion or investigation or if you are being prosecuted for a serious criminal offence, telephone our offices today on 020 7930 5100.  Alternatively you can contact us via our online contact form, and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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We are there when you need us. Available seven days a week, you can call us on our out-of-hours service number on 07789 622 430.