Janes Solicitors successfully argued in the High Court for a confiscation order to be reduced from £600,000 to £92,000

Friday, 01 June 2012 | Janes Solicitors

Janes Solicitors have successfully challenged on appeal by way of case stated a Confiscation Order which the High Court agreed should be reduced from £692,000 to £92,000. The appeal arose as a direct consequence of recent decisions of the Court of Appeal which substantially revised the legal basis upon which the ‘benefit’ attributable to criminal conduct is calculated.

Careful monitoring of these decisions brought to light the fact that the case of Neuberg had been wrongly decided by the Court of Appeal and consequently the appeal by Janes Solicitors was successful and costs awarded in favour of our client.

Janes are currently applying for a Certificate of Inadequacy in respect of the outstanding amount.

Robert Berg was instructed in this matter.

Published: 1st June 2012

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