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SANCTIONS UPDATE: Bad News Bears – Abramovich, Russia, the Economic Crime (transparency and Enforcement) Bill and the Implications for Iran and the renewed JCPOA talks

The Russian destruction and dismemberment of Ukraine’s sovereign territory and population has been rightly met with public outcry and the call for stern and wide-ranging action against the Putin regime. The predicted government response has been to ratchet up Russian sanctions and since the invasion on 24th February there have been six separate treasury notices […]

Defending Private Prosecutions & Costs

As a result of a combination of financial restraints and over-demand on the public purse, in recent years there is a marked trend and heightened consciousness towards private prosecutions being brought by members of the public. A quick Google search for the term “private prosecution” will refer the prospective consumer to a whole host of […]


There has been some media speculation that our client may have participated in an elaborate hoax as regards her fear of her husband’s poisoning at Prezzo Restaurant on Sunday 16th September and its possible cause. She has asked Janes Solicitors to emphasise that she was not involved in any hoax and that her fears were genuine, […]

Trump & Iran Sanctions

IS THE UNILATERAL WITHDRAWAL OF THE USA FROM THE JOINT AGREEMENT OVER IRAN A CASE OF THE BARK BEING WORSE THAN THE BITE? Commentary by James Mullion Much fretting  by UK businesses involved in Iran has been happening on this side of the Atlantic since the US President’s formal announcement on the 8th May that  […]

Blood on the Page

James Mullion reviews the book on the Wang Yam case featuring Janes Solicitors.  The book has been released to widespread acclaim. Read our own review here: Janes Solicitors were instructed on the Wang Yam case when he was initially arrested and extradited to the UK in 2006 up until the end of 2016 (not off […]

The Informed Juror

“Will juror number 1 stand … Please place your hand on the bible and read as follows”. Number 1 is a man in his late ‘60s. Bald and white. A local man, probably retired. Prepared for the worst, he bought a packed lunch to Court. He wears a natty short sleeve shirt, black creased trousers […]